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Looking for Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer?

We take your online startup brand to the next level. Ready to grow with  us.

Small Order Clothing Manufacturer

We have been serving startups and brands as small moq clothing manufacturers who want to enter the market with a vision to make an impact. We supported them by even producing quantities as low as 15* pcs per style initially to launch and test their brand. We have an experience and expertise of more than 10 years in this business. 


As a startup, you may have several questions in your mind that are related directly to your product.


· How do I choose the appropriate fabric for my designs?

· I do not have the tech pack for the designs. Will they be able to work with the sketches?

· Can they put my brand labels and tags on the products?

· How can we check the fabric so we can select each fabric specifically for each design?


It requires a lot of effort and hard work initially both for the startups and the manufacturer to get through these steps. And this is the reason why a lot of manufacturers are not willing to cater to smaller quantities. However, in our case, we take these steps as challenges and are more than willing to offer any support that we are capable of. Over time, by doing these things constantly, we have learned the art of doing low moq clothing manufacturing for our clients.


A2Z Fashion is a clothing manufacturer in India that has taken the initiative to cater to the demands of start-ups with a minimum budget and resources. We pay detailed attention to every client’s requirement that can help them launch their brand that is aimed to grow at a good pace. We are specialized in various types of apparel for both men and women. We have assigned experts who cater to each specific category of the products.

Serving clients

We are successfully serving various brands and independent fashion creators .


Designing more than 200+ unique styles every year


Producing more than 100000  pcs annually

  • We have experts in all departments to cater to all kinds of apparel for both men and women under one roof. If you wish to expand your clothing line in the future, you can do it easily with the help of our expertise.

  • We have a huge production capacity of more than half a million pieces per month and gradually adding to our production capacity. Once your brand starts growing and you would need to switch to bigger production orders, it can be done effortlessly since we understand your brand and its requirement. Scaling your business will be pretty easy.

  • We have a vast network of sourcing for eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics that is the need currently.

  • We provide complete support in your journey right from the initial sampling stage till the launch and success of your brand.

Fashion Design Office

What makes A2Z Fashion a unique choice as a clothing manufacturer for small orders?

100% Peace of Mind with our Quality Commitment

For us, the definition of quality is pretty simple and it is “give exactly as the customer needs”. This simple phrase is enough the summarize the broad definition of quality. Our simple rule is to follow each specification mentioned by the client exactly as it is.


We have laid down some simple basic guidelines that are to be followed before we send any garment to our clients.


  • Fabric is to be approved by the client before it is used for any sample or production.

  • Pantone shades have to be passed for each design as per the requirement before proceeding with the dyeing of the fabrics.

  • Logo/design prints and embroideries to be approved before production.

  • Fit approval has to be taken before proceeding with any production.

  • Any other detailing that is part of the garment has to be checked and approved before any sampling or production


As a clothing manufacturer for small orders, we have an aim to help the upcoming brands and start-ups who want to start their growth journey. So, begin your journey with us.

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