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A2Z Fashion is providing wide variety of services to a private label brand company so they can simply focus on the core area of their business. It means that we work on the designs and ideas provided by our clients and turn them into great quality products. Our team sincerely work hard right from the beginning to lay a strong foundation for the development of their products. Our clients provides us with the tech pack, fabric details, colors, and trims and we work on them to make the designs successful which makes us worthy of being their perfect private label apparel manufacturer.We have the required infrastructure and skilled team to do what it takes to be a successful and sought after private label clothing manufacturer.



Private label clothing is a tailored approach which is customized and managed according to the specification and requirement of a particular client. You can build your own brand with your own new and exclusive range of designs and styles. The owner of the Private label fashion brand has complete control over the look and designs of their clothing. They can customize new styles and combine them with fine prints and colors to set their own style trend. Branded items are more likely to gain trust and credibility in the eyes of the consumers quickly rather than non-branded items. They also sell at a higher cost than other items.


But before you get started with your designing process, you need to find out the manufacturer which will be perfect for your private label apparel brand. Here at A2Z Fashion, we ensure that we fulfill all the requirements which are essential to make it extremely easy for your business to start successfully. We follow a laser targeted approach in this segment with a step by step process.


Patterns are the foundation of your design on which your first sample is created. The more accurate the patterns are, the better your first sample would be.

We source the perfect fabric for your clothing line, from top certified and reputed textile mills and send the same to our client for their approval.

After pattern creation and fabric approval,  first sample is created which is sent to our Client for their approval.

It is very important to test your production of any new style being produced for the first time on a small scale before initiating bulk production process. It will help to find out any technical hindrances so we can correct them before moving further.