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Order Processing

We follow a set rule of guidelines and rules when it comes to managing things efficiently as a garments and scarves manufacturer and also managing sample development and initial production process to help streamline the production stages.

  • Technical Sheet is provided along with the specifications mentioned

  • Patterns/Designs are created as per the details in the sheet

  • Fabrics and Colors are approved for initial sample

  • Based on the above,final sample is created

  • Sample is dispatched for approval

  • Feedback is implemented to make corrections if required

  • Once Sample is approved,Purchase order is finalized

  • Approval is taken for Fabric and Colors for bulk production

  • Sample is sent again before starting production

  • Final Production commences only after the approval of this Sample.

  • A file is maintained and report is checked by the Quality team at every stage of production

  • Once the goods are ready, they are sent for final checking which is done for each and every product.

  • Any product with a major or minor defect of any type is removed from the lot. We always make few extra pieces to cover up for some defected pieces in the lot.

  • Once the checking of the goods is done, they are sent to the packing department for final packing of the product

  • After packing, goods are ready to be dispatched to the customer through the suggested mode of transportation.

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