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About A2Z Fashion

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Women's Rayon dress


Our journey started with its inception in the year 2007 as a small clothing manufacturer to provide our services to the local merchant exporters in India who do not have their own manufacturing set up. We have gained immense knowledge and expertise with the experience we have achieved by working with different types of clients. With the span of time, we started growing and acquired more Clients by providing them excellent Quality and affordability in our products.

Now so many years have passed, and young generation joined us with a target to make our company stand out in the International market. We have recently started our journey to explore markets like USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.

We have a strong team of Skilled Employees who have invested their knowledge and expertise in making us highly effective and efficient manufacturer. We have fully equipped to cater to the demands of our prospective Clients. We are fully dedicated to provide a full spectrum of services which begins from fabric sourcing and development to the final delivery of the product at our client location.


We value our clients so much that we can go beyond boundaries to cover an extra mile for them so that they get the maximum amount of satisfaction and trust in our business. Our foremost goal is not profit but client retention. We understand the value of client retention which is one of the biggest growth drivers in a  business. We have invested our workforce and system into this culture to have the same values. We undertake utmost care in dealing with all our clients and pay attention to each and every minute details. 

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