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Garment Factory

High Quality Clothing Manufacturers

A2Z Fashion is one of the leading high quality clothing manufacturers in India. We have been successfully providing our manufacturing services to various private label companies, fashion brands, and have gained immense expertise and knowledge with the period

 We make various clothing items like Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Gowns, Shirts, T-Shirts, Tracksuits, Hoodies and many more. We can also develop new type of custom design or apparel based on the specifications provided by our Clients.

If you are looking to start your apparel business, you just need to provide us the details and you can just sit and relax as we get your work done within the stipulated time. We can develop any kind of custom clothing and further customize any design of your choice.

We take every project with the utmost care and attention and follow every specific detail to get the desired result. Our team is completely committed to their tasks and work with complete coordination to avoid any flaws in their work.

High quality clothing does not simply mean that the products are costly however we are known to produce high-quality products at fairly competitive prices.

We owe it to the technology available these days and also our dedicated and skilled workforce which has enabled us to develop ourselves as one of the leading and most preferred high-quality clothing manufacturers in India.

We have initially worked extremely hard and faced a lot of challenges that have taught us various things in the process. Apart from ensuring that the fabric is of good quality, we also have to make sure that the stitching and finishing of the garments along with the accessories used are also in line with the high-quality standards.

We always produce small quantities initially which are labeled as test run productions before going for bulk production just to check that will be no flaws in the long run and hence we can avoid initial defects in the process. This process is generally followed in case we are manufacturing apparel or a garment for the first time and it also depends on the design, structure, and various other factors. These considerable amounts of effort have helped us to put ourselves in the list of a good clothing company. We always aimed to become a preferred choice as an apparel manufacturer for startups by fulfilling their small orders initially and gradually growing in the process.

A2Z Fashion aims to be the preferred choice for private label brands who are looking to set up and build their brands. It requires a lot of time and effort initially to build the reputation of your brand.

We, as a garment manufacturer, absolutely understand the value of time and money invested by our esteemed Clients in achieving their desired objectives. We tend to be their partner and play an important role in this regard.

We are extremely cautious in the selection of the fabric which is the first step towards the sampling process. Fabrics procurement for garments is done only from top-grade recognized mills. Samples are not a way of just getting approval for final orders however they are a real representation of what each product would look like after the bulk production process. We simply need the tech pack of the garment or the technical specification sheet which contains information like fabric, colors, measurements, design, artwork, and logo to be used in the initial sample development stage. In case, the client does not have the tech pack, we can also get it developed from our designer at an extra charge.

Our product line in the Garment sections mainly includes the following:

Women's Apparel: We are currently engaged in manufacturing various types of high quality clothing items for women.

Men's Apparel: We make men's clothing items for various brands and startups.

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