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Tips for picking up High Quality Apparel

Updated: Apr 28, 2020


Are you looking for a high-quality clothing line? And you are unable to figure out how you should work it out, in that case, you have come to the right place for your answer. A2Z Fashion is a company that takes care of every minute detail to ensure that the outcome is always what we wanted.

Things have changed since the clothing industry used to work many years ago. If you would have bought a dress from a store or a boutique many years ago, it would be made of natural fiber and with specific details and intricate work. Such old age items can still be found in someone’s wardrobe and that may be in nice condition.

Nowadays with the growing competition and various market channels, many people have come up with the idea of using synthetic fabric along with other materials that are not good in quality but may appear good in the picture. It is a kind of luring customers by showing them high-quality images online and they eventually fell for the look of the product rather than its actual quality. But it does not mean that there are no quality products available in the market these days compared to the old days. You can still find lots of boutiques, stores, and retailers offer a very good quality of clothing. Price plays an extremely important role these days due to which people are more inclined to buy these products which are not that good in quality. However, there is always an advantage of buying good quality clothes which definitely is a winner in the long run. However, we should always not follow this principle blindly that every costly product is of high quality.

You may ask this question as to how we can make sure that the product we are buying is actually a high-quality stuff. We will be going through a few basic steps which will help people in acquiring knowledge to identify and differentiate between low quality and high-quality products.



The most basic step in judging any apparel or garment is to simply look for the fabric used in it. There are few ways by which you can analyze the quality of the fabric as they are based on few factors.

-Look for natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen as they are generally more long lasting quality fabrics and are considered superior to synthetic fabrics.

-You need to ensure that the color of the fabric is fast which can be simply tested at home by washing the fabric and ensuring that the dye is not coming out of it.



After you are satisfied with the quality of the fabric, the next thing to look out for is the stitching part. It is the next most important factor in determining the quality of the product. Even if you are using high-quality fabric, you must stitch them properly or else your product will definitely be ranked a low-quality product. You need to check for seams whether they are straight or not. There should not be any broken stitches. No overlapping of the stitches should be there. It should be clean and straight sewed garment. One thing we have noticed that most people check for the outer stitching of the product and never tend to care about the inside stitching. There lies the main difference between high-quality apparel and good quality apparel. You should pay attention to the inner stitches, and whether they are clean and straight as compared to the outside of the garment. You need to check the length of the seam as the shorter seams tend to be stronger and sturdier.



The next important thing to look out for is the quality of button and other accessories used in the garment. Any poor quality stuff attached to the garment will spoil the complete effort and devalue it instantly. Each and every detailing is important when you are choosing a high quality apparel. You also need to check the button reinforcements and how they are attached to that piece of clothing.

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