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From sketch to dress: Designing Team

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Everyone will agree with the fact that designing is a complex process which requires lot of dedication,focus and creative approach. It is the basic foundation of your fashion statement.

A design which is an inspiration of your thoughts,ideas and imaginations is reflected on a piece of paper and those ideas transform into reality in the form of a dress.

It really takes a lot of time and effort when this actually becomes a reality. Necessity creates new patterns in your minds and evolve a new form.

A designer sits down with a sketch in his hand and tries to create something different which can transform your personality.

A design goes through several process before it is finally approved on paper.

Once the design is approved,patterns are cut according to the design requirements.

Fabric is selected as per the dress pattern and requirement. Patterns are used to cut the first sample piece which is sent to the Tailor Master for giving it a final shape.

Once the dress is finally created, it is thoroughly accessed by the checking team to ensure that there are no flaws and it does not require any revision.

Lot of people are involved in transforming the sketch into the final dress.

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