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Clothing Manufacturer in India

A2Z Fashion is a clothing manufacturer in India who has been manufacturing various kinds of Garments and Accessories like Tops, Dresses, Bottoms, Shirts, Scarves and Stoles. We began our journey as a small order garment manufacturer in the Indian garment industry in the year 2007. We began making various types of custom clothing for various brands.


Our manufacturing practices are based on the overall welfare of people working for our organization, so we can consistently help our clients in achieving their goals. We are fortunate enough to have an experienced and skilled workforce which has always been critical in our growth. We were primarily focused on providing our services to Merchant Exporters in India.


Of Late, with the inclusion of young and dynamic generation in our business, we decided to step forward and enter the International market. There are various other private label clothing manufacturers in India, but we have been able to sustain the competition with our continuous effort in providing an excellent outcome in our quality and performance.


We do contract garment manufacturing and have worked for various Private Label clothing brands and emerged as a preferred choice for such brands. Our laser targeted approach have helped us in reaching the desired goal within the stipulated time period. We are known for working with various flexible options which suits the requirements of our clients by offering customized solutions to them. We believe that if you work together with a common objective then it will help you in achieving your goals faster. 

We collaborate closely with designers to interpret their sketches, patterns, and ideas, translating them into three-dimensional garments that reflect their vision. Meticulous attention to detail, an innate understanding of fabric properties, and an eye for aesthetics enable us to create clothing that not only fits perfectly but also exudes style.

In our company, our goal has always been set to moral standard than monetary standards as we believe in giving our clients an awesome experience while working with us and make them feel that they are far more important and valuable to our company. Feedback is taken from our clients in a very positive manner and, we see it as an opportunity for us to improve further.


We are a clothing factory who work hard for our clients and even help them in case of small order manufacturing of garments. We are willing to take low minimum orders also to provide more flexible options and see what is currently working in the market before moving the big step forward. Our goal is always to maximize quality and efficiency rather than quantity. We are always willing to take an extra step forward in helping our clients to achieve their goals and gradually grow their business which in turns helps us in getting more business in the future.



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Garment Manufacturer India

We are one of the leading, and most competent Custom Apparel manufacturers in India with the complete focus on helping our clients achieve their success. Our Company has been constantly involved in manufacturing made to order Ready made Garments for our Clients. We help new companies by working as a full service clothing manufacturer by taking low quantity orders so they can test the market before they scale up with the bulk production.


We initially develop the sample for approval as per the specifications.We ensure every step is taken and followed in making the perfect final product. You can send your development along with the specifications and our Sampling Department will comply to develop the required sample. Our team works in complete co-ordination to ensure timely delivery of your projects.

Are you looking for A small order GARMENT manufacturing COMPANY?

Why Choose Us?

Quality Guaranteed

We provide a flawless experience by providing excellent quality and even going beyond our customers expectations by going an extra mile. Strict quality control measures and audits happens regularly to ensure that there are no errors.

Customer Experience Oriented Approach

We pay attention to each and every details that our customer provides for any project. Every Client is our priority and we ensure that his experience with our company is extremely delightful and this helps to retain them for a long lasting business relationships.

Wide Array of Services

We provide a complete spectrum of services like designing, product development, fabric development, printing, embroidery, private label manufacturing, customized packaging and a lot more. This makes it easier for our clients to get their work done at a single point of contact.

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A2Z Fashion

G-21,West Arjun Nagar,Delhi,India


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